Roden Health

Design for Roden Health mobile application, a video journaling app that detects emotion through facial recognition software to be used as part of a program of psychiatric care, particularly for PTSD patients. The stats page features a vertical scrolling stream graph where stream amplitude represents emotion intensity, direction indicates change in emotional level and emotional responses represented by color can be turned off or on for visual clarity.


Tarsier Goggles

Concept art, UX, and rough 3D modeling for VR experience. Tarsier Goggles will utilize HTC Vive technology to simulate the visual capabilities of the Southeast Asian primate through targeted immersive experiences describing red green color blindness, expanded field of vision, altered depth of field and brightness sensitivity. The experience is not content heavy or goal-oriented and instead an abstract exploration of different modes of seeing.


Machine Vision Search

Website and logo design for archival video search system project of the Dartmouth College Film & Media Department. Machine Vision Search uses scraped data from Google Images to identify objects and actions in archival video. The search system has potential for use across educational archives and scholarly research projects and is a part of the Media Ecology Project. 


Deloitte Neuroscience Institute

Icon and header design and design of interactive service model for Deloitte Neuroscience Institute website. DNI uses neuroscience technology to improve user research for Deloitte and the website functions as a survey of these offerings for potential clients. My primary work on the project was the illustration, color palette selection and page layout for the interactive pricing model and collaborative site structure design. 


Nuclear Age Peace Foundation 

Illustration, typography and layout for Santa Barbara-based nonprofit print materials. Finished work includes educational event marketing materials, infographics and the 2015 annual report. 


Dartmouth Student Wellness Center

Print design for monthly campus-wide wellness newsletter. Primary concerns for the publication included appropriate illustrations, effective typography and hierarchical layout of content.